Ghost hunting in Chicago

Ursala Bielski’s Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tours

The ghost hunter takes visitors on a tour of Chicago’s most haunted locales, from the Fort Dearborn and St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Sites to locations like Hull House, the tragic Iroquois Theater, the Red Lion Pub, and dozens of others as they search for Resurrection Mary, Al Capone, and dozens of other ghosts of Chicago. They say the tours are dark and scary but there is no promise of a paranormal experience. This is a bus tour although several attractions are explored on foot.

Cost is $28/person.

1-888-GHOST 91

East of Midnight Undertaker Ghost tours

Also called East of Midnight with the Undertaker Spectral Shadow Tours, the tour guides here are licensed Illinois Funeral Director/Trade Embalmers. These tours visit various crime scenes and some fairly obscure locations (plus some well-known ones).

Phone: 708-638-6950

Historic Ghost Tours of Napersville, Illinois

Napersville is a Chicago suburb and this 60 ghost hunting tour goes through Naperville’s charming downtown, the North Central College campus, and Naperville’s beautiful Historic District. You get ghost hunting equipment professional storyteller and author Diane Ladley as your guide. This is a walking tour.

Rates are $15 for kids 13 and under, $20 for adults, cash only.
Phone: 630-978-7033

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